Sunday, August 28, 2016

time to say goodbye ... again

Well gosh.  It's been a really rotten time around here. Two more losses. Two more passages on the road of life. First we lost our dearest family friend Betty in July. (pictured in the bottom photo, on the left) and then my Aunt Emily passed away in the first week of August. (in the top picture and also on the right, in the photo with Betty) And of course sandwiched in between them, was the loss of our doggy Missy. 

Three losses over three weeks. WAH! sob sob sniffle. They come quickly (and not singularly anymore) when one reaches a certain age, don't they?!  I feel them as body blows, as if I have had the air knocked out of me and I struggle to breathe.

Betty came into my families life in approximately 1974. She taught crafts classes to children and adults and my mom took a dollhouse furniture making class from her. Either the first or second class, they became friends for life. Kindred spirits. Betty was the epitome of what a friend is supposed to be; kind, caring, smart, funny, loyal and true blue, always there when you need her. She would quickly become all of our friends and later would help my father and I make it through the years that followed my mom's death in 1996.

My Aunt Emily was quite a character and leaves a gigantic imprint. She was always the brightest light in any room. She was smart and funny and she spoke her mind. She was always dear and kind to me, trying to draw this shy introvert out of her shell. After my mother passed away, my father would gather the family together for holidays and Aunt Emily would always entertain us with stories. After my father passed away in 2011, we all lost our way for awhile, his absence was so big and our grief so large. Eventually we would see Aunt Emily and her family again on some holidays. We were able to see her this April, she seemed excited to see us but I don't think she really knew who we were. Such a heartbreak that dementia would take her away from us.

Please remember to cherish all those dear to you and don't let the days slip away from you.