Friday, July 29, 2016


We had to say goodbye to our beloved Missy yesterday. Her health was up and down all this year but each time previously, a new prescription or a new dosage or a diet change had seemingly done its work and she would be perky again.  So we weren't very worried when she seemed not quite right a couple of days ago and took her to the vet on Wednesday.  How quickly our world turned upside down.  Less than 24 hours later, we heard the words "cancerous cyst on her adrenal gland", "spread to her kidney and spleen and her body wall", "no hopeful outcome".

She was the gentlest sweetest quietest dog I've ever had. She never made a sound, she only barked two times in the nearly four years since we adopted her and her companion, Shadow.

She brought us so much joy. 

I hope you will consider adopting senior dogs, possibly the best choice I ever made.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

knock knock! who's there?

I'm silly - I enjoy looking at my blog stats. These are today's so far ... although I don't understand why they don't match up???

So far today I have 738 page views (yesterday I had 892) ... WOW ... and 628 of my page views today are from Russia ... WOW again. Wonder why I have almost FIVE times as many viewers looking in from Russia, as I do from America, and what are they looking at on my little blog???  

Waving hello hello ... I can see your footprints and you've also left a trail of crumbs teehee. What long ago post of mine brings you here to my now, very quiet blog? And how did you find me - GOOGLE or Pinterest or?? 

The most fun is seeing what your all time favorite post is, the Rednesday one with the vintage felt Christmas ornaments (from Redbook, I think it was) ... and the rest of your top favorites too. The list is mostly made up of posts I did sharing links to holiday craft tutorials I found around the internet and the rest I believe are of posts I did for linky parties. I'm surprised that another couple aren't included, two that I also receive inquiring emails about them (like I do the vintage xmas ornaments) ... the one with my grandma and her sister under a famous sign and the one where I shared an ancestors botanical drawings. 

LOL. Sorry for this very random post and a very un-artsy craftsy one too! I've kind of run out of steam and things to talk about here and thinking about turning off the light in here some day. Glad there are some oldies you enjoy. Happy browsing!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

happy 4th of july

Happy 4th of July to you dear bloggy friends! Hope you're enjoying the long holiday weekend. No big plans over here, eating out at a couple of our favorite spots and lots of R&R.

This is a charming free chart that darling Lori Brechlin, of Notforgotten Farm, shared on her blog in May for Memorial Day. And I haven't gotten any further since then ... ay yi yi. If you're (super duper) speedy, you could sew it up today for 4th of July!
Thanks so much for continuing to stop by this quiet corner of blogland, so very very sweet of you!

Wishing you a fun 4th and all good things!