Saturday, December 19, 2015

seasons greetings

(Charles Phoenix and his Redi-Whip filled, volcano-like exploding Christmas Cake)

As this blog prepares to retire for a long winters snooze, I am wishing you a lovely holiday season and much joy in 2016! 

We've hit a new height in holiday procrastination this year - the feather tree has not even made an appearance yet. Indeed, all that has been completed is the most important thing, the wrapping of FIRST CHRISTMAS gifts for my little grand nephew. Oh and the buying of Amaryllis (since I can never manage to remember to buy bulbs in time to grow my own!), they remind me of my mom, who loved them so dearly - a must have for Christmastime.

Knock on wood, thus far we've had a healthy holiday season and been able to go see Charles Phoenix's holiday retro slide show again and go to the Swedish Christmas Fair --- next up is a stage production of A Christmas Carol, can't wait!

I am very much enjoying "blogging without obligation" and radically decreasing my online presence. Having spent many (many!) years in front of a screen, watching my rumpus grow and ankles swell, manically trying to keep up with a gazillion blogs for the latest creative wonderfulness, it is a HUGE relief to let it all go.

No more stressing over posting, or following, or commenting or responding or emailing. Zero obligation + zero guilt = sheer joy! I'm doing it My Way, like Frankie Sinatra.

Happy Hannukuh, Happy winter solstice, Happy Festivus, Happy Yule, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwaanza, etc. everyone!

Take care and be well!

Friday, December 4, 2015

a swap for all seasons no. eleven - what I received from my partner

[sigh] ... so near the end of this fabulous swap now ... This is my eleventh sampler I've received in A Swap For All Seasons.
My partner this month was Bev, of Country Frog Creations. Love it so much Bev, so very charming. I adore blue and I love the snow theme and all the little snowflakes and snowmen! 

Thank you so very much Bev, it was a pleasure to meet you and be in your partner.

Happy December and Happy Holidays!