Tuesday, July 31, 2012

anyone care for salad?

Found this "cheerful and cheap" salad set at my parents. Isn't it fun?!  The cruet sits on the bottom shelf and the funnel and salad fork and spoon are placed on the top shelf. There is one stray S&P shaker that fits nowhere in the grouping, I guess it had another home (with it's mate, that was nowhere to be found BOO HOO!).

All these years it had hung in my mom's kitchen happily - I wrap it up and take it home and now the shelf is falling apart.  MUTINY! hahahhahhahahha

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red and green fabrics for sale

When push comes to shove, some things need to find new homes after trying in vain to cram my parents things into my house.  I have a box of red and green fabrics that I've been wistfully saying "some day" to for a long time now and never finding the time. Here are some of them, darling vintage-ish fabrics from the late seventies to eighties - I'll be putting these up for sale on my Ebay shortly.

Please feel free to leave me a comment with your email address if you have any interest in any of the fabrics and I will email you the Ebay item number when I've listed them.

Two Yards
(above two photos are the same fabric, just different sides)
A VIP Screen Print Cranston Print Works Company
Christmas in the Country Collection
Stencil Picture Patches
so charming!

Two Yards
one inch various xmas motifs
A VIP Fabric Cranston Print Works Company
print runs parallel to selvedge

Two Yards
one inch various xmas motifs
A VIP Fabric Cranston Print Works Company
print runs parallel to selvedge

Two Yards
one inch various xmas motifs
Wamsutta OTC Div. of M. Lowenstein Corp.
Hallmark Cards design

Two Yards
one inch various xmas motifs
A VIP Fabric Cranston Print Works Company

Two Yards
Country Classics Prairie
by Ameritex

One and a half Yards
An Ameritex print
teddy bears in overalls :)

one quarter yard
Teddy bears and hearts
appears to be Gordon Fraser illustration
A VIP Print Cranston Prints Work Company

one quarter yard
Teddy bear Winter/Christmas
appears to be Lucy Rigg illustration?
A VIP Print Cranston Prints Work Company

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

lock the door and throw away the key

Yesterday was the International Quilt Show in Long Beach and today is the Renegade Craft Fair in downtown L.A. - so much temptation, so little willpower hahhahhahhahaha!

Happy crafty weekend to everyone!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

vintage polaroid land camera

Produced: 1948-1953 / Original Retail: $89.75
Estimated Production: 800,000 - (900,000)

First commercially available instant picture camera

Info found at The Land List: An Ongoing Project in Catloging Polaroid Cameras

and at Historical Cameras

Oh gosh. It's so very hard to know what to do with all of the wonderful, fun, sentimental things I've inherited?!  I would keep everything if space allowed but alas living in a cracker box of a house, it doesn't. And I don't want to rent a storage space - I know that would become the thing that went on forever.  WAH!

I can only find a few polaroid photos and this camera appears pretty pristine, suggesting it was barely ever used. The accessory boxes show age but the items inside look brand new.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

vintage goodies

I thought it might be fun to share my mom's vintage flatware collection, spoon rack and salt box with you today. These must have been around when I was little but I don't remember them until we moved shortly before I turned ten.  Sometime thereafter, I know they were ever present, hanging in our kitchen.  My mom loved them all so. 

Oh! I just had a thought. They would have belonged to my mom's mom until she passed away and then my mother inherited these family keepsakes. That's why I have no early memories of them. DUH! 

I'm embarrassed to say that I've only been really paying attention and examining them this week. What treasures they are! 

Almost all the vintage flatware is sterling.  Two are souvenir spoons from Redwood Falls, MN where my mothers maternal family had quite a presence long ago. Six pieces were made in Sweden, the birthplace of my fraternal great grandparents - so they were brought from the "old country". I cannot tell you how much that delighted me to see Sweden on the back of them, as I had found nothing belonging to my fraternal great grandparents up to this week.  YIPPIE!  A couple bear a known family monogram - there are other initials too but I haven't a clue who they belonged to???

And one has an enameled flower on it ... so much fun.

I'm assuming the spoon rack and salt box are from the 1950's - my mother decorated in the Early American style of the day - perhaps they are earlier but I am 99.99% sure that they are not later.

 souvenir spoons from Redwood Falls, MN

six pieces from Sweden

an enameled Lily, so enchanting

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a jumble of reds

We made it down to the very last box of my parents things yesterday. I had been longing for this day.  Silly me.  I thought it would bring with it some sense of closure. But now I find myself so sad that there isn't more to go through. Good gosh, grief is the ultimate long and winding road. With roller coaster bits and hair turns and whiplash and monsoon rains and barren wastelands ... and back again.

Anyway ... here are some of the reds found yesterday ...

This camera belonged to my dad's sister.  I can only remember meeting her once in my life.  I was about eight years old and she and her husband came down to visit my grandmother, her mother. She gave me this camera that day.  I loved the way the lens cover went up and down and that you looked in the top for the view finder.

My mother made this teddy bear approximately 25 years ago?  She had two wonderful friends who were crafts teachers (one taught the making of dollhouse miniatures and the other taught quilting). Her two friends would drive up to my mom's house for lunch and crafty afternoons.

The painting behind it was done by my fathers girlfriend in the few weeks after he passed away. With time weighing heavy on her and her love of painting, she did this painting of the teddy bear in it's spot in my old bedroom ... forever capturing one of my old dressers, the teddy, a couple of my mom's knick knacks and a cheap copy of a Renoir that my mother adored. My fathers companion gave it to me shortly before she left my fathers house to begin her new life.

I don't remember these figurines in our house - I'm wondering if perhaps they were my grandmothers?  Two of them have a $0.09 ... nine cents! ... price tag on them ahhahhahahhahha!  That's a long time ago that you could purchase something for nine cents in a store!

And lastly these cute recipe tins - neither one had recipes in it but then my mother wasn't big on organization.  I think the shredded wheat one is from the 70's?  Anyone know how old the Pennsylvania Dutch motif one is???

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Monday, July 23, 2012

how about a little salt and pepper?

one little sad doggie S&P, left all on it's lonesome

heeeeeyyyyy batter batter!

one Christmas when I was little, I received a cowgirl outfit
and my brother dubbed me Sally Annie Oakley
(sadly there was only one wagon S&P found)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

hey there, hi there, ho there!

"Here is your Chuck Wagon Identification. Write your name on it. 
 Tell Mother that Dad, too, can have an Aladdin vacuum bottle
and lunch kit that has all the swell features of your Aladdin
Hopalong Cassidy bottle and kit.  Wonderful Aladdin quart
bottles for vacations and picnics, too. There's no substitute
for an Aladdin bottle or kit."

 "This is to certify that the undersigned is an official member
Important -- carry this card with you at all times.
Signed, Captain Midnight"


"Be sure to watch the Mickey Mouse Club every Monday 
thru Friday at 6 p.m. on KTTV Channel 11 for news 
announcements to club members, direct from Mickey
Mouse Club Headquarters at Disneyland.
Take good care of your membership card.
Your card will entitle you to participate in
special events and also offers you many other
privileges at Disneyland, available only to club
members. Advanced announcements of these
privileges and events will be made on the
Mickey Mouse Club TV show."

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

slim pickins

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and somehow managing to stay cool.

We're having fun being on vacation over here ... well, interspersed with the going through of more boxes of my parents things.  The past couple of days we've been going through boxes and half of my mind has been on whether or not something would be fun for Rednesday and Vintage Thingie Thursday.  I thought these would be good for a giggle and smile ... an Uncle Wiggily game board and this amusing vintage "hybrid" beater.  

I think the vintage illustrations are so darling on this - 
I think it must have been my brothers,
I couldn't find anything but the game board.

Oh gosh!  I nearly gave this one away to the Good Will!
I originally thought it was an auto flare or something,
without even really looking at it and wasn't interested at all.
What a noodlehead I am!
That's what happens when you've been going through boxes
for over a year ... saturation and overload.
Thankfully, my husband hesitated when I said I didn't want it
and then I took a second look.

It was made by the Arthur Beck Company of Chicago
(no matter what I do or how many times I delete the space,
blogger keeps tossing in a big cavernous space right here

and has a copyright date of 1948. 
They state that it is a "wonderful party or Bridge gift
and an invaluable household aid" hahahhahhahaha!
Whips  Beats Mixes
One hand operates it
Perfect results in minutes

I guess my mom didn't believe the claims as it's in pristine shape,
apparently never used.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

happy 4th of July

I am such a later tater! 
Over here trying to make 4th of July cards
that will of course be late. WAH!
Oh well, I will include a wish for a Happy Summer too. 

Wishing you and yours a fun Fourth of July!

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