Sunday, May 22, 2016

merrily we roll along

do you look at your blog stats? I sometimes do ... and this morning I did. I usually have a couple hundred views each day. But yesterday on this sad neglected blog, on a Saturday, I had 948 page views! WOW! I don't know how many were real flesh and blood people and how many were "bots" but good heavens! Probably four real people and 944 robots bwahahhahaha. Truly, thank you for still looking in here ... 

still no word of reply from my swap partner ... I have begun to wonder if I am invisible ...

c'est la vie. tra la tra la.

in other startling news ... I've started Pilates. I finished my PT for my scoliosis and my spine specialist recommended I follow it with Pilates. It's akin to torture, in case you didn't know LOL. PSA: do not wait until you're in your sixties to exercise and take care of yourself. no sirree!

with all this falling apart and nursing my back, I've returned to working on my family tree again and I'm reading more and watching way too much election coverage. I keep hoping my crafty mojo will return but between a creaky crackly back and the disappointment of the swap, I haven't been able to muster any enthusiasm or inspiration. WAH! 

I can be found (infrequently posting) on Instagram. Love the freedom of it, post a pic, write a line, done. So many bloggers I thought had disappeared are there, posting great stuff. Dive in, the waters fine! 

Happy trails to you until we meet again here, dear Bots and Humans! xoxo

Thursday, May 5, 2016

open letter to my Swap Partner who has gone *poof*

Dear swap partner o'mine ... yoohoo ... yodel-lady-who ... have you been waylaid by a band of hooligans, or fallen off the planet?

Perhaps you've had a bout of amnesia and forgotten me?

It's been four months since I've heard from you.

I wrote you again, it's been one month ago now and still no word of reply from you.

This makes me so sad and confused.  I have waited patiently. I don't understand. At all.

Do you know I can see you on Facebook and Etsy? 

From what you told me in January, I was worrying about you - so I'm glad to see that you are doing fine ... so how about sending me an email and letting me know what's up?