Monday, March 24, 2014

if it walks like a duck ...

sniffle sniffle ...

The ugly duckling truth ... I ran out of time to finish my ducky in class last weekend and the past week had too many surprises in it, requiring my time, to try to finish her. 

I'm really anxious about having to finish her all on my own.

I found this sooooooooooo difficult. I have no eye for dimension or form or sculpting ability so I was so far out of my depth and comfort zone (which is pretty narrow to begin with, let alone in public!).

Please think cute ducky thoughts for me and that I can overcome my anxiety and get her finished. WAH!

Friday, March 14, 2014

make way for ducklings

Spring Duckling workshop
Teacher Evelyn Neily
(photo source and event)

Yippie yippie! Quack quack! I get to go to French General tomorrow and learn needle felting from Evelyn Neily and how to make an adorable duckling, like hers shown above. Mine most likely will resemble a yellow furry blob LOL. 

Happy crafty weekend to you!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

procrastination saves the day

a very secret, top secret as a matter of fact,
photo of what may just be someone's supplies

Well, who'd a thunk it, huh?! Procrastination can actually be a pretty good thing sometimes when you're a noodle head like I am. Some might say, I was saved by it today in fact LOL.

I think I mentioned that I joined an embroidered sampler swap for the art event I'm going to in May ... well, I had grand highfalutin ideas for my sampler. In my head.

The base of it is to be vintage linen of a certain size. of a certain size.

I found this vintage linen napkin with cutwork that I loved at an antique mall and thought it was absolutely perfect for my sampler. 

I bought lace and ribbon and vintage buttons, etc. and thought about it quite an awful lot ... but as is my usual method of walking through life, did nothing further. Usually that would make me cranky with myself but not today.

For today I found out that my chosen linen was outside the largest dimensions our swap hostess gave us. By quite a bit, not just a hair. Thank heavens I hadn't begun right away in earnest, like an efficient on-top-of-things person would do. No - I procrastinated for a long time. And then. Something told me to reread our guidelines (weeks down the line!!!). Horror of horrors, I found my much loved linen would not do the trick. Nay, it would not. I would have to make a new plan of attack.

Thankfully I did not procrastinate but got right on the task. I found that I had one piece of linen that fits the size requirements and it's near the smallest size, suggested to use for the swap.

OH! I am doing my happy dance ... because I'm a dawdler and a delayer, I don't have to stitch a HUGE sampler anymore, cry my eyes out for my stupidity in not reading the guidelines again, kick myself in the rump, and begin anew.

Oh no! I get to start with a clean slate and a much smaller clean slate WOOHOO.

Miracles do happen. Even when you're a procrastinator.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

secret leprechaun mission completed

I've had so much fun participating in Viv's Secret Leprechaun Swap!

Viv gave me Lynn, of Life on the Wienee Ranch, as my secret leprechaun package recipient. Lynn's package has been delivered now per the good old USPS, so now I can blab and spill the beans and do a show and tell. Yippie!

I love making things for people, making life special and celebrating the days of our lives. And I'm a dog person, so I fell in love with Lynn's blog title and finding out she has five dachshunds!  You can see from the photo above, what happened next - a St. Patty's dachshund!

There are so many great resources online for crafts. I found the the leprechaun footprints and leprechaun polaroid here ... I used them on the envelope for my card to Lynn.

I love sweetness, silliness and whimsy so I typed on the top of the envelope:

blarneyville bulletin::
breaking news::

and on the bottom I typed:

Leprechaun sighting:: wanted for gold theft @ 317 Rainbows End
Known member of Viv's Secret Society::Trained in stealth swapping

I foo foo'd the inside of the card too with leprechaun related stufferoonie ...

There must be leprechaun gold at the end of the rainbow ...

And a wiener dog of course ...

and a springtime heart to match ...

and some St. Patty things for crafty fun ... shamrock shaped cards, yellow doilies, a shamrock stamp, shamrock stickers

and that's the whole shebang! Hope you enjoyed everything Lynn!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 10, 2014

my secret leprechaun has arrived

I joined Viv's Secret Leprechaun Swap and I was paired with the adorable Holly, of Damita's Pretty Wrap.  Today the mail carrier delivered my package. YIPPIE YIPPIE! I'm old as dirt but felt like a kid waiting for my surprise to arrive LOL. 

Thank you so much for all my darling things, Holly!

I opened the box and saw all this cuteness!

Out of one package, came a darling St. Patrick's Day hanger and out of another came the cutest green earrings.

Out of another came the most darling vintage shaker and out of the last one, came yummy warmer tarts.

Holly made me this darling Wearing of the Green hanger, so cute! And enclosed gold coins and rainbow confetti - such a great idea!

So many fun green things! A little potted plant, a darling owl coaster, a St. Patrick's Day hanger or ornament (SO CUTE and festive!), vintage Apple Green bias tape (which I have felt the same color!), the sweetest vintage shaker (love love love!), really cool green earrings, yummy warmer tarts in the scent of one of my favorite things (Macintosh Apples!), CHOCOLATE gold coins (chocolate, my dearest friend LOL), adorable crocheted green heart and fun rainbow confetti!

Thank you so very much for being my Secret Leprechaun, Holly, and for all the fantastic goodies you gave me. So very sweet and generous of you!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

in the meantime ... An Affaire At Downton Abbey

While I'm beyond excited and stalking my mail carrier and my email regarding Viv's Secret Leprechaun Swap, waiting for my surprise and also news of my partner receiving hers - I dream about all things Downton.

In May I'm attending An Affaire At Downton, can't wait! This is the first time I'm attending one of Kim Caldwell's elaborate and thrilling art weekends.

The first evening we are to dress up (if we wish to) in ensembles in the spirit of Downton. Fun fun fun. We've just received news of a cocktail party to kick off the evening too.

Later there will be wonderful vendors selling their artistic wares and there will be lots of swaps the first evening too.

I joined an embroidered sampler swap ... my head is overwhelmed with ideas swimming around.  I'm pulling things out and having fun playing. (I don't know why some of the floss is so dark in my photo?)

What shall Lady Sally make???

Friday, March 7, 2014

leprechauns afoot

Today is the deadline to mail our secret leprechaun packages ... I'm getting so excited, I can't wait for mine to arrive!  & Hoping too that my dear secret leprechaun swappee pal finds hers in her mailbox today as promised by the USPS!  

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

dear secret leprechaun swappee o' mine

Dear Secret Leprechaun Swappee Recipient o' mine,

I just mailed your package. WOOHOO! Doing my happy [secret] leprechaun dance! The USPS states your expected delivery date is Friday, March 7th.

I had so much fun making you things and putting everything together for you. Hope you feel (kind of) like, you found a (er, small) pot of gold! hahahhahahaha  Anyway, hope it brings smiles and perhaps a little Irish jig, for a moment or maybe more! 

I'm not going to show the whole enchilada, um, corned beef hash, here ... I want it (mostly) to be a surprise for you. But there's got to be teasers, right?

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!