Monday, January 10, 2011

My exciting news & the return of Monday Blog Love

Jumping up and down over here. OH! I'm so excited!

The end of the month I get to take a class from one of my absolute favorite people in blogland and crafting, Charlotte Lyons. I am over the moon thrilled!

Couldn't get anymore fantabulous than that, huh?! Well, hold onto your applesauce ... the class will be at Kaari Meng's store, French General (that I've never been to before and have wanted to for YEARS).

Yippie yippie yippie! You can probably see my wacky grin all the way over where you are. :)

Charlotte Lyons blog, House Wren Studio

The class I am taking with Charlotte

The three days of crafts workshops at French General

I'm just taking Charlotte's class and it is the very last day of the three days of workshops - how wonderful it would be to go to all of the classes, huh?!!!

This is my birthday present to myself - I'm turning, mumble mumble, er, um yeah, twenty nine, towards the end of the month bwahhahhahaha.

Happy happy Birthday to me!

Drum roll ... the return of Monday Blog Love ... which I think most of you don't give a wit about bwahahhahaha but I know some out there do (thank heavens) share my love of blog hopping and discovering wonderful new blogs (well new to me at any rate).

(It seems so long since I've done a list, there may be repeats - I've given up on keeping track, the list has become a mile long and takes up too much precious time these days.)

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  1. I'm so jealous-is that wrong? You lucky girl. I'd love to take a class like that. You better take pic's and give us a full report. Happy Early Birthday. And you know what, Sally? You deserve it!

  2. Hi Leslie!
    I'm with you, I'd be so jealous of me too! :) I can't believe my good fortune!!! For once being on the computer too much paid off royally and I was on when the classes went up. WAHOO! I will try my best to take pictures (I cannot take a decent picture to save my life WAH! ARGH!) and beg pictures off of other attendees. Thanks so much for the early birthday wishes and being such a sweetie pie!
    Happy Monday!

  3. Oh you lucky dog! I'm jealous too, it looks like so much fun. Hey this is MY Birthday month too! I'll be 29 (snicker) ;) on the 28th how about you? I know you will have a wonderful time, xxoo Nan

  4. Lucky you!!! hey I’m gonna go to LacMa soon. Thanks for givin me
    a nudge. Cynthia

  5. Hello Sally! What a lovely surprise to see my blog on your list!! I still find it amazing that anyone would take a look at my blog, so thank you!! I have just looked through yours and I really like your posts, you write beautifully and your post about your Mom and Brother brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful treat to be doing a three day course at French General, have a fabulous time!! Happy Early Birthday, and oh gosh 29, you are still so young. Enjoy every day!!! With Friendship, Ann ~ Australia

  6. Hi Nan!
    I feel bad that I get to go to something so many people would love to go to and can't! Wish everyone had the chance.
    Hey, we're both 29 this year! ;) My birthday is the 26th, so we're celebrating the same week. Happy happy early bday to you,
    Sally xoxo

  7. Hi Cynthia!
    Did you see the sunrise this morning??? It was the color of raspberry sherbet, so gorgeous! So nice to be dry and a bit warmer around here, huh?!
    Hope you can see the fashion exhibit at LACMA, so lovely. I don't really care for the look of the installation but the pieces are gorgeous.
    I love MOLAA in LB, have you been?
    nudge nudge ;)

  8. Hi Ann!
    You're so very welcome and thank you so much for your kind words. Thank you for visiting my little blog and commenting and you're so sweet to become a follower.
    hahahhaha, my father and I are now both the same age, funny how we all become 29. :)
    Happy week to you!

  9. Congratulations, Sally! That is going to be awesome! I have admired Charlotte for so long. Well, you Know I appreciate your blog love list! In fact, I've already clicked on a few and am in awe. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your effort. We will add your name to our January birthday list! Have a wonderful day, dear Sally! Twyla

  10. I am officially jealous. The project reminds me of the stuff Dottie Angel does, I LOVE IT! Have fun!

  11. Yay! I don't know any of these people or places, but I can tell that if I did I would be green with envy! I'm so glad you get to go, you deserve it! Have a great time - xox

  12. Best wishes to you.Since you are so excited over this class, I hope all goes well for you. Your guess was correct. Suzanne, Coloradolady. is my niece.

  13. How exciting, you will love the French General and Charlotte is fantastic and super nice! Have fun!

  14. Hi Sally, thanks so much for including me in your list! Enjoy the course and have a fab birthday.