Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday blog love

We had a lovely 4th of July weekend, I hope you all did too! For some people the fun continues ... not for me, I have to go to the dentist this morning - my least favorite place on earth. WAH! shiver shiver shake!

We finally made it to see "South Pacific" on Saturday. I had never seen it before - my mother started taking me to see plays when I was eight years old but we never went to see "South Pacific". I'm guessing because she had already seen it on the stage before I was born.

I sure did see the movie on TV though. The funny thing though was, I would have thought I only saw the movie once on TV but I remembered almost every song in the play!!! How did that happen??? I can remember my mother singing "Some Enchanted Evening" around the house but what about all the rest???

I started crying during the play, remembering my mom and how much she loved the theater. sniffle sniffle.

Anyway, we had fantastic seats in the fifth row and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

After the matinee, we went out to dinner at "Ciudad", one of our favorite restaurants downtown. (Owned by the Two Hot Tamales, of Food Network fame years ago ... Susan Feniger was recently on Top Chef Masters, if you're addicted to TC like I am.)

They only have two vegetarian entrees, so we each had one of them - I got the most wonderful Chile Relleno! YUMMERS!

For the foodies out there, I had ...

Roasted Poblano Chile Relleno
potato rajas, cotija cheese, quinoa salad, salsa verde, spiced tomato sauce

and hubby got

Fresh Artichoke and Samfaina Vegetable Fideo Pasta
oven dried tomatoes, olives, herbs, argentine parmesan

Oh, we shared an appetizer too ...

Farmers Market Squash and Loroco Quesadilla
handmade flour tortilla, manchego cheese, chipotle crema

and of course, dessert ;)

Rainforest Macadamia Brownie
vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce,
dulce de leche, toasted coconut

I'm making myself so HUNGRY, you can probably hear my tummy rumbling where you are!

We went to the Santa Monica 4th of July Street Parade on Sunday. We'd never been before - we made a pit stop at Starbuck's on the way, for fortification. It was cold on Main Street, thankfully we had coffee and I brought my sweater. And ... Hurray hurrah! We got there early and found a planter wall to sit on and watch from (thinking we'd have to get up and stand later when more people came but it never happened).

On the website it said it would be from 9:30 to 11:30 ... two hours. Well ... it started at 9:40 and was over at 10:10!!! Thirty minutes. Too funny! It was a lot of fun though and on top of all the fun costumes everyone wore, we were so happy to see two school groups in the parade, carrying signs saying "Save Our Schools", so we (the teacher's wife and the teacher!) whooped loudly for them!

The most fun though was when a group of vintage low rider cars went by and there was my hairdresser, waving at me from one of them! "GLORIA!!!" erupted out of mouth and I said to my husband, "that's Gloria"! She was waving at me and smiling real big. Small world.

As I said, it was only 10:10 when it was over, so we drove over to Michael's a few blocks away and picked up some stuff for our crafty needs and then went back to Main Street and picked up lunch at a restaurant we'd noticed while waiting for the parade to begin.

After lunch, we old folks took a nap. We were so dozy and had so much food left from lunch that we completely pooped out on the 4th grilling. GEEZ! Guess I'll be trying all those great ideas I found last week, down the road ... when I can keep my eyes open!

Somewhere to the east of us, there are fireworks every year and we can see them out our back window. So we had a lovely display, without having to leave home and hunt for parking. YIPPIE!

FAST FORWARD ... I began this post before my dentist appointment this morning and now I'm back to finish it. In between then and now, we went out to lunch and over to Travel Town in Griffith Park, to look at the trains. Hubby has a story about trains in one of the texts that his students read and he was hoping to find some interesting souvenir to take to the classroom but it was all Thomas the Train stuff ... he picked up a train set when we went to the Long Beach Swap Meet.

You're probably wondering when I'm ever going to get around to Monday Blog Love ... the moment has finally arrived!

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Wishing everyone a lovely week!


  1. You two are a very busy couple! And now I am hungry (reading about your meal). Ours was much more laid back (lazy even), but we had lots of food, and some fireworks in the backyard. Now it is hotter than Hades outside, so I'm hiding until this little heat wave is over. xoxox! Pam

  2. hey, thanks very much for including me in this great list, that's lovely of you!

  3. I hope you made it through the dentist! It sounds like you had a lovely fourth July weekend, and thank you for highlighting so many gorgeous blogs!

  4. Yoohoo Pam! I saw your comment here earlier today but now your comment has vanished. POOF gone! My counter still says you're there. Are you in hiding? ;)

    Happy Tuesday to you!
    Sally xoxoxoxo

  5. Hi Kickcan and Conkers!
    You're very welcome, I very much enjoyed my visit to your blog! :)
    Happy week to you,

  6. Hi Jayne!
    Thank you so much for your kind words about my dental visit - hooray, all went well! I'm glad you enjoyed visiting all the blogs - I'm afraid I'm a bit addicted to blog hopping.
    Happy week to you,